About KP! Toffee

Karen Peltier established KP! Toffee in 2008.  KP stands for her initials and Karen’s Premium Toffee.

KP would make toffee during the holidays and give it to her friends and family members.   People received her toffee and would say “this is the best toffee, you should sell it”.  For over 25 years, KP had been in the corporate environment as a professional in sales, marketing, and public relations.  She had no intention in leaving her position in 2008, although, the company that she was working for went bankrupt and would be closing the business.  There was no choice.

KP decided to make a path to establish KP! Toffee.  The one challenge she had in her head.  “I’m starting a company in the middle of a recession”.   KP pounded the pavement and went to retailers to pitch the toffee.  During her sales calls buyers would taste the product and place an order.   KP states, “KP! Toffee success is the taste of the toffee products, but also being consistent in pounding the pavement and expanding the circle of KP believers.”

Within the 25 years of experience KP had, she decided to take the proper steps to establish KP! Toffee.  Her accounts at a marketing agency she worked for included major brands from a national food company.  So KP began with her products being compliant and retail ready with nutritional labels, UPC’s and food safe packaging.

What’s unique about KP! Toffee:

  • KP! Toffee is a Gourmet English Almond Toffee topped with chocolate and pecans.
  • The toffee is a rich buttery toffee that will NOT stick to the teeth.
  • The ingredients and the temperature that the toffee is cooked at provide a unique crunch.
  • Ingredients are listed on the nutritional label; butter, sugar, almonds, pecans, soy
  • KP! Toffee is manufactured in the Midwest – Sturtevant, WI

Original flavors:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • White Chocolate

Specialty flavors added to the product line:

  • Coffee Toffee – available in milk and dark chocolate
    • A Turkish grind of Berres Brothers Highlander Grogg is incorporated directly into the chocolate.
    • Highlander Grogg has butterscotch, caramel, and hazelnut flavors.
    • The aroma of this toffee is amazing, and once a person bites into the coffee toffee it’s like biting into a chocolate covered coffee bean.
    • Extremely smooth and satisfying.
  • Key Lime
    • A key lime chocolate applied to the top of the toffee base.
    • The toffee base mimics a graham cracker crust and the key lime chocolate has this toffee tasting like a key lime pie.
    • This toffee is a refreshing stand-alone dessert or marvelous served with a sparkling white wine.
  • Peppermint Burst
    • Peppermint Burst toffee has white peppermint chocolate on top of the toffee base and sprinkled with candy cane sprinkles.
    • This toffee makes the mouth happy with the burst of peppermint and nice for the digestive system.
  • Pumpkin Pie
    • The look that pumpkin pie toffee offers in the package speaks FALL IS HERE, and get ready for the taste of it.
    • The chocolate is the perfect color that pumpkin should be and a nice smooth taste of a favorite pumpkin pie.

New KP! Toffee Products

KP incorporated two other products within the product line that are tremendous in TASTE.

  • KP! Toffee Popcorn Krunch

    A special hearty popcorn is popped and seasoned with a special seasoning and coated with KP! Toffee.Why this product was born?  KP used to make popcorn every Saturday night to watch a movie.  She decided to take some popcorn to the kitchen that next Monday and had the toffee team pour some toffee on it and toss for a great coating of the kernels.

    When the toffee team tasted the product, it was VOTED a YES to move forward with a new product.

  • The second product added to the product line was KP! Toffee Pretzel Twist.

    The pretzel twist is another sweet & salty product. Chunks of pretzels are coated with KP! Toffee and then drizzled with milk chocolate.

Both the Popcorn Krunch and Pretzel Twist are the ultimate sweet & salty taste that the consumer enjoys.

In 2017, two new flavors were tested and customer approved.

  • White Chocolate with Cranberries

    The white chocolate is sprinkled with pieces of real cranberries and pecans.Research was done with multiple brands of cranberries to get the perfect taste and bright red look of the cranberries before we went into production.

  • Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

    Customers helped us with this decision of milk or dark chocolate and they loved the dark chocolate with the pecans and sea salt sprinkled on top of the chocolate.

KP! Toffee has expanded to reach more of our communities by attending events; providing packaging for weddings; a fabulous treat at corporate meetings; and great gift ideas to ship to clients, family and friends.  In April 2016, KP! Toffee opened their retail store located in Sturtevant right next to the kitchen.  When you visit our store, you get free smells and samples of our amazing toffee.

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